Hilliges Gipswerk

In 1947, the grandfather of the present owner, Werner Hilliges from Berlin, bought the gypsum plant in Osterode am Harz, which was in a very bad state at that time. He started reconstruction and reorganisation of Hilliges GmbH & Co. KG, which is family-owned until this very day.

Profilbild R. Bartz
Rüdiger Bartz
Managing Director
“We occupy specific niches in the market, where we – with our high quality mineral deposits – have been able to hold our ground as a flexible family enterprise, and we look forward to do so in the future.”

Hilliges GmbH & Co. KG have been a success in the market with their private label “KRONE-Gips” and, besides a large number of German companies, they count also numerous international enterprises among their customers.

Key fields of business of Hilliges are mineral fillers for the industry and for commerce and, thanks to extensive certifications (quality and energy management ), also for food additives and feed materials (HALAL, KOSHER, HACCP and QS). Also products for the painting and the interior decoration industry, the building materials trade, creative arts as well as the hobby sector are offered under the label “KRONE-Gips”.
In 2015, the family-run enterprise has generated a turnover of approx. 14 Mio. Euros in two sites with more than 50 employees. Hilliges GmbH & Co. KG produce approx. 100,000 tons of gypsum per year, which are processed into 40 different products.

As a special service, Hilliges are continuously expanding their range of private labels (Our Difference). “Our Difference” is a synonym for a large variance of packaging and world-wide service due to which KRONE-Gips stands behind 65 labels in the end.