Hilliges Gipswerk

In 1947, Werner Hilliges from Berlin bought the gypsum factory in Osterode am Harz. It was in a very poor condition at the time and reconstruction began. With over 70 years of company history, Hilliges Gipswerk combines experience, values and know-how. As a medium-sized gypsum manufacturer, we have successfully established ourselves as a force in the market with innovative products, individual services and an excellent raw material.

With the know-how from over 70 years of company history, state-of-the-art technology and precise manufacturing, we produce calcium sulphate as mineral fillers, additives, basic materials, processing aids and additives for industry, trade and the food and animal feed sector. All requirements, such as registration in accordance with the Feedstuffs Regulation (Regulation (EC) 183/2005) and certification in accordance with QS with GMP+ recognition, HACCP, Kosher and Halal are fulfilled for these highly sensitive industries and areas of application.

With our own brand KRONE-GIPS, we also offer a broad and first-class product portfolio of basic plasters, special plasters, plastering compounds, fillers, bonding agents and casting compounds for the building materials trade, painting, creative, orthopaedic and hobby sectors.

Due to our extensive storage capacities and technical equipment, we offer our customers as a special service the possibility to produce their formulation and moreover in private label (link to "our difference") in different packaging sizes and types.

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KRONE-GIPS is ... of the best quality!
Quality is our top priority. Our technology, which is equipped with the latest control and maintenance technology, guarantees consistently high-quality products with the best award!

The variety of applications in our portfolio results in very different requirements for us along the production process, such as the fulfilment of specific customer wishes, flexible market adaptation and the resulting development of our company.

In order to meet these demands in the best possible way at all times, we have introduced a quality management system that operates according to the principles of DIN EN ISO 9001:2015. Starting with the procurement of raw materials, we ensure through quality controls at all significant stations in the process that our products meet all legal requirements and standard guidelines as well as our own high quality standards. In addition, we have our solutions for the food and straight feed industries in particular externally monitored by accredited bodies to ensure that we can produce a high-quality, safe end product at all times.

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Sustainable Development
Efficient use of resources and energy in production with minimal impact on the environment is a key issue for industrial companies. Increased awareness of the origin of raw materials and working conditions during production is becoming more and more important. To ensure that we can also make an important contribution to sustainable production, an energy and environmental management system in accordance with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 50001 and DIN EN ISO 14001 has been implemented in the company.

We obtain all raw materials only from selected quarries that are regularly monitored by us and are completely renatured by us after extraction. In this way, we promote the local nutrient balance and thus create optimal living conditions for plant and animal species typical of the site.

In the area of building materials production, we also replace part of the primary raw materials with synthetic gypsum. These arise as by-products in other industries and serve us as secondary raw materials for the manufacture of our products.

By using recovery systems, we are able to reduce the required process energy to a minimum and still manufacture products with a consistently high quality. In addition, we use low-emission processes whose emissions are far below the assimilation capacity. This is a particular concern for us, as we are located in a mixed area surrounded by private households.

Furthermore, our production waste is recycled in all possible cases, so that landfilling only takes place in the rarest of cases.

We attach great importance to the qualification and satisfaction of our employees. Not only do we use a wide range of training and further education programmes to promote and improve the professional competence of our employees in the best possible way, we also effectively involve our employees in change processes in order to constantly drive the further development of our company together.