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KRONE Sura-Mur

KRONE Sura-Mur is a high-quality, polymer-modified, gypsum-based surface filler with the features of a thin-layer plaster. It is characterised by an excellent adhesion and realises surface qualities Q1 to Q4.

product properties   areas of application
  • creamy-stiff texture
  • high stability
  • excellent adhesion also in thin layers
  • creates a firm substrate for wallpapers and paints
  • drys out completely in all layers
  • easy to sand after drying-out
  • breathable and humidity-regulating
  • to close defects, cavities, holes and slits
  • for efficient levelling, filling and smoothing of uneven und coarse surfaces
  • for filling and levelling the entire surface of mineral substrates
  • for closing gaps between ready-made concrete parts




deliverable pallets
5 kg paper bag 1.000 kg
25 kg paper bag 1.000 kg

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