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KRONE Stuckgips (Plaster of Paris) is a finely ground beta-hemihydrate gypsum without substances added at works, which influence the setting and/or flow behaviour.

product properties   areas of application
  • optimum texture for easy working
  • high stability
  • high degree of filling
  • develops strength rapidly
  • hardens thoroughly in all layer thicknesses
  • easy to sand
  • breathable
  • humidity-regulating
  • for repair and mending jobs, e.g. to close defects, cavities, holes and slits in walls and ceilings
  • for modelling jobs
  • source material for mixtures prepared on the construction site
  • plasters used specifically in the painting/stucco trade 



deliverable paletts
1,5 kg paper bag 825 kg
5 kg paper bag 1.000 kg
25 kg paper bag 1.000 kg
40 kg paper bag 960 kg

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