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KRONE Gypsum-Based Adhesive)

KRONE Gipskleber (Gypsum-Based Adhesive) is a gypsum-based adhesive / filler for gluing gypsum wallboards and stucco elements in indoor applications.
Processing time: approx. 60 minutes.

Application: indoor

product properties   areas of application
  • optimal working texture
  • good adhesion strength
  • high degree of fineness
  • high degree of whiteness
  • stability


  • for gluing wallboards and stucco elements
  • to level wallboards
  • to close defects, cavities, holes and slits
  • to attach gypsum cardboard and composite gypsum cardboard


deliverable paletts
5 kg paper bag 1.000 kg
25 kg paper bag 1.000 kg

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