for painters
KRONE Deep-Penetrating Primer

KRONE Tiefgrund (Deep-Penetrating Primer) is a special priming agent, solvent-free, on the basis of a synthetic dispersion for the pre-treatment of substrates for subsequent painting and filling jobs. .

Application: indoor.

product properties   areas of application
  • solvent-free
  • fine-particle
  • basis = synthetic resin dispersion
  • no barrier effect and thus permeable to water vapour
  • may be used on all mineral substrates
  • characterised by high penetration capability
  • ready for use
  • low odour
  • water-dilutable
  • curing of flaking, crumbling mineral substrates
  • equalises the absorption capacity of (differing) substrates





deliverable paletts
1 l bottle 480 l, 48 cartons à 10 bottles
5 l canister 450 l, 90 canister