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KRONE Casting Gypsum - white

KRONE Gießmasse (Casting Gypsum) is a white, gypsum-based casting compound for casting figures and relief moulds and also for model-making purposes.

application: indoor.

product properties   areas of application
  • high hardness
  • high degree of whiteness
  • does not contain any additives
  • not toxic, not caustic
  • ecologically harmless
  • can be painted after full hardening 
  • preferably casting figures in relief moulds and/or silicone/rubber moulds
  • can be used for model-making purposes



deliverable pallets
foil bag
(200 g - 1000 g)
600 kg
1,5 kg paper bag 825 kg
5 kg paper bag 1.000 kg
25 kg paper bag 1.000 kg