for food

KRONE Calciumsulfat Dihydrat 75 (Calcium Sulphate Dihydrate 75) is generally also referred to as not hardening natural gypsum. A special grinding process allows to adjust it to certain degrees of fineness serving as carrier for active ingredients or as pH-regulators.

product properties areas of application
  • does not contain any aditives, flavours or processing aids
  • E516
  • no genetic engineering applied
  • does not contain any ingredients of animal origin
  • does not contain milk/lactose, gluten or traces of nuts
  • certified according to HALAL, Kosher, HACCP
  • highly effective calcium and sulphate source for the pharmaceutical, food and feed industry
  • for adjusting the water hardness (brewery, bakery improver)
  • as coagulations (tofu and cheese process)
  • as anticaking agent, additive in baking powders, table salt substitute

deliverable pallets
25 kg paper bag 1.000 kg
40 kg paper bag 960 kg
Big Bag ca. 1.000 kg
bulk in silos approx. 25 per truck

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