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KRONE Anhydrit UF

KRONE Anhydrite UF impresses with its extra fine powder of a high quality natural hydrite from our own quarry. This way, we are able to ensure regular supply of best quality material. It is particularly preferred as filler, additive and base in products used for construction material that include chemicals.

For us, the best quality of Anhydrite UF also means that we do not use any additives such as set-up agents, binding regulators, activators or flow-enhancing additives. The raw material CaSO4 is very pure, has low moisture levels and a very low amount of carbonates.

We would be glad to help and assist you in finding the most suitable plaster for your production processes.

  • very fine powder
  • very high purity
  • no additives
Areas of application
  • Additive for cement and glass manufacture as well as manufacture of porous concrete and lime sand brick
  • As additive as source of sulphate for controlling the shrinkage in chemical-based construction products
  • As filler in chemical-based construction products and plastics
  • As base material for manufacturing binders (anhydrite binders) and components (anhydrite primers)
deliverable pallets
bulk in silos approx. 25-27 t per truck

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