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KRONE AlphaLine R

KRONE AlphaLine R is a pure and highly reactive alpha hemihydrate plaster that mixes with calcium sulphate dihydrate through water. The basis for this is a very high quality calcium sulphate dihydrate that forms as REA plaster in flue gas desulphurisation. The alpha plaster KRONE AlphaLine R contains only small quantities of non-sulphurous impurities and has a very high level of whiteness.

And with our careful preparation and optimised powdering technique, we have been able to make an ideal base for creating plaster-based mortar compounds and dental plasters for you. It can also be used in many industrial construction works using chemicals. We are sure to have a solution for your needs in our wide range of products. If you can’t find it, contact us and we will find you proper support and advice.

Plaster woes? Not with KRONE PLASTER!

  • high fineness
  • high reactivity
  • high purity
  • optimised grinding
  • high degree of whiteness
  • Conforms to DIN EN 13279-1 Type A
  • no additives
Areas of application
  • Basis for manufacturing compounds for dry mortar, special plaster-based mortars
  • Industry and manual construction processing
  • Base material for dental plaster
deliverable pallets
bulk in silos approx. 25-27 t per truck

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